Chairman's Circle

Chairman's Circle


$1,500.00 per election cycle to Maverick PAC, and an agreement to contribute a total of $1,500.00 to the Maverick Candidates in 2018.

The Maverick Candidates will be chosen by the candidate selection committee, and will be federal candidates in targeted races.


  • One Annual Conference fee waived
  • VIP Access at our Annual Conference
  • Quarterly conference calls with prominent speakers
  • Admission to all local events
  • Receive political and policy updates
  • Ability to nominate and vote on which candidates receive Maverick PAC funding
  • You can nominate three candidates to receive funds from Maverick PAC
  • Once all nominations are received, you members will be allowed to vote on five candidates to receive funding
  • The amounts each candidate will receive will be dependent on their vote share as well as dollars available for distribution


  • 100% of dues must be received within 12 months of signing up
  • Your candidate commitment must be used between July 15, 2016 and September 15, 2016.

By law, the maximum amount an individual may contribute to a federal PAC is $5,000 per calendar year.

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