Aaron Ginn, California

Aaron Ginn, California

Aaron Ginn is the cofounder of the Lincoln Network, which is the largest community of center-right technologists who utilize their tech skills to advance liberty in the public square.

 Ginn is a prominent Silicon Valley-based technologist, having led growth product management at Everlane, StumbleUpon, and Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. Within the tech community, Ginn is known for launching and popularizing the “growth hacking movement” by writing the definitional editorial series for TechCrunch. He also had one of the top blogs on growth hacking and viral design. In 2016, Ginn was named a top 40 marketer and product designer under 40 in Silicon Valley.

 After working as the lone Silicon Valley hire for Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign, he was inspired to start Lincoln to better connect DC and Silicon Valley. Ginn saw a dearth of technical expertise within the political and policy world with no easy way for freedom-oriented technologists to plug into the system to create change. Along with Lincoln Network co-founder Garrett Johnson, he set out to build a bridge between politicos and technologists.

 Lincoln grew quickly to become the largest community of liberty-oriented technologists pursuing change by writing both code and policy. Leveraging the unique space between technology and policy, Lincoln built out the largest talent pool of center-right technologists and deploys them around the nation to fix tech problems for the freedom movement. Additionally, Lincoln Network just launched the first venture studio to build and launch products specifically designed to bypass policy problems with technology solutions. Lincoln’s first Studio product is an automated way to leave a public sector union.

 In 2013, San Francisco Chronicle called Ginn a bright and rising star of Silicon Valley. He was named by Campaigns and Elections and WIRED as top a political influencer in 2015 and 2016. For 2016, Lincoln was awarded the best event series by Spark Freedom and the State Policy Network. In 2017, Aaron was named to the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list for Law and Policy.

His work is featured in New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Politico, TechCrunch, ReCode, Fox News, NPR, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and Wall Street Journal. Ginn graduated with both a BA and BS from Texas Christian University.