Jasmine Nachtigall Fournier, California

Jasmine Nachtigall Fournier, California

Jasmine Nachtigall-Fournier is the Co-Founder and President of GovInvest Inc., an actuarial technology company that’s mission is to help governments better manage their unfunded pension and OPEB liabilities. Jasmine founded GovInvest in 2014 and has grown the company nationally to serve hundreds of public agencies, including the State of California and the State of Connecticut.

Prior to GovInvest, Jasmine served as the Development Director of California Common Sense, a non-profit dedicated to opening government to the public, developing data-driven policy analysis, and educating citizens about how their governments work. Jasmine has previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Financial Services Advisory Consulting Practice, the World’s Fair in Shanghai, Code the Change, and New York University. 

 Jasmine is a frequently requested speaker at several professional association meetings about pension and OPEB funding strategies including the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO), League of Cities (LOC), California Municipal Treasurers Association (CMTA), Public Retirement Journal (PRJ), California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CalPELRA), Pennsylvania Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA-PA), amongst others. 

 Since 2005, Jasmine has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for disaster relief and other charitable efforts. Jasmine served as an Olympic Torchbearer during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Jasmine earned a BA in Economics from Stanford University.