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Albert Martinez

Alberto Martinez is a proven veteran of politics, policy and public service who serves as Executive Vice President for Public Affairs at Targeted Victory, a leading Republican digital marketing and advertising firm. 

Before joining Targeted Victory, Alberto most recently served as chief of staff for United States Senator Marco Rubio, and as a key member of his inner circle through two Senate campaigns and a Presidential campaign.

At Targeted Victory, Alberto crafts winning advocacy campaigns for Fortune50 companies and serves as a key strategic advisor to non-profits and public figures.

As a strategist and pundit, Martinez has been regularly quoted in the New York Times, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post, and many others.

A veteran of numerous high profile campaigns, Martinez served as senior advisor to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012 where he advised the candidate and campaign during key primary victories in Florida and Ohio, and later served as a member of the senior strategy team and helped lead Hispanic outreach and direct millions of dollars of Hispanic ad creative and placement.

Previously, Martinez served as communications director for the Republican majority and as chief of staff to the majority whip of the Florida house, helping craft message and strategy for a more than 80-member Republican majority. 

Alberto got his start in politics and public service as an intern to Governor Jeb Bush, later rising to serve as an aide to the Governor for constituent services and ultimately deputy speechwriter. In 2004, Alberto was communications director in the pivotal battleground state of Florida for President George W. Bush’s successful reelection campaign. 

Alberto lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, son and French Bulldog named Bruno. He is an active volunteer in youth sports, a USA Hockey Level 3 coach and a member of the national board of directors of MaverickPAC.