Luis Andre Gazitua

Luis is an attorney specializing in procurement in Miami-Dade County, the municipalities of the greater Miami area, and Miami-Dade Public Schools. He represents clients from pre-bid, through bid protest, award, and project implementation stages. He uses his public service experience to assist clients in navigating the intricacies of competitive public-sector contracting. Gazitua represents clients in all industries, including technology, infrastructure, and transportation.

Luis works closely with public-sector partners to create and refine avenues for public contracting and policy. In 2017, Gazitua assisted private clients in closing almost half a billion dollars in competitive solicitations in the infrastructure and services sectors.

Prior to forming Gazitua Letelier, Luis authored the Miami Dade County Strong Mayor Charter Amendment approved by voters in January 2007. He coordinated a countywide signature campaign by hiring and managing a national signature-gathering firm, acted as general counsel to the Citizens for Reform (CFR) political action committee, selected and hired legal defense team, consisting of Bruce Rogow and Bob Josefsberg, which represented CFR before the Circuit Court and the 3d District Court of Appeal, see, Citizens for Reform v. Citizens for Open Government, Inc., 931 So.2d 977, (3d DCA 2006), cert. denied, 939 So.2d 92 (Fla. 2006).

As Special Advisor to the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Luis was a key player in the creation of the South Florida Workforce Investment Board (SFWIB), Region 23, of the State of Florida. The SFWIB is a government instrumentality of both Miami-Dade and Monroe County whose creation required the approval of Workforce Florida and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners. The SFWIB, now with a staff of 80, invests over seventy million dollars annually for job training and placement services.

In response to the 2007 FBI Mortgage Fraud Report, Luis assisted the Mayor in establishing a law enforcement and private sector task force to develop legislative change while prosecuting offenders. Fl. Stat. 817.545 was drafted, lobbied and passed, which allowed local law enforcement throughout the state to arrest perpetrators of the crime of Mortgage Fraud. A nationwide program was established modeled from it. The Federal Govt. through the Department of Justice and Bureau of Justice Assistance allocated over $20 million dollars in 2009 and proposed 100 million dollars in 2010 (grants & earmarks) for enforcement, prosecution, and training for federal, state and local enforcers.

Luis was the Project Director for Wireless Miami-Dade. Working with the Department Directors of the Enterprise Technology Services Department, the Parks Department, the Transit Department and private vendors Luis developed a viable deployment program for Miami-Dade County residents. In 2010, the service was expanded to rapid transit buses and all metro-rail and mover infrastructure to improve the experience for riders.

Prior to joining the Office of the Mayor, Luis assisted Bob Josefsberg in terrorist litigation against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Where the plaintiff, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, was brutally attacked in 2002 by the Al Aqsa Brigades, a Palestinian terrorist organization backed by the Palestinian Authority and the U.S. district court in Miami ruled the Palestinian Authority pay him $16 million. See, Saperstein v. Palestinian Authority, 2006 WL 3804718 (S.D. Fla. 2006).

His current and former clients include: Clean Energy, the nation’s largest and most prestigious natural gas fueling station design/build, operation/maintenance, and fueling services company; Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address global challenges such as energy efficiency and safety and security; Comcast, the world’s largest media, entertainment, and communications company; The GEO Group, a Florida-based company specializing in privatized corrections, detention, and mental health treatment, domestically and internationally; and SHI, the largest corporate reseller of software, hardware, and related services, providing government agencies, educational institutions and Fortune 1000-Fortune 500 companies with all of their technology needs globally.